The Sweet Style of WHIMSY Street Treats

The Sweet Style of WHIMSY Street Treats

WHIMSY Street Treats comes to life with ColorCore®2 Laminates

Sabrina Scrivo is a well-known home improvement and lifestyle blogger in Canada operating the site Pink Little Notebook. In February 2019, she announced plans to put her home improvement work on hold to pursue her entrepreneurial passion and open an ice cream shop called WHIMSY Street Treats in Georgetown, Ontario.

In planning out the design, Sabrina quickly fell in love with ColorCore®2 Laminates as an affordable and durable option for her counter and table tops. Read about her selection process and DIY countertop project here:

“The white laminate countertop and tables add to the whole fresh look and feel of the shop,” Sabrina said. “This affordable DIY using Formica® Laminate is worth every single penny.”

After opening on June 8, Sabrina had a whirlwind summer as a full-time business owner, but one area she didn’t have to worry about was the surfaces.
“Not even one mark on the white surface,” Sabrina said. “I’m so impressed with this product.” 

You can find a complete gallery of WHIMSY Street Treats at Sabrina’s blog, Pink Little Notebook, and you can Find Your Perfect™ surface with ColorCore®2 Laminate.

Sabrina Scrivo, Pink Little Notebook

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