Gallery: Oh So Jo’s Craft Table with Formica<sup>®<sup> Writable Surfaces

Gallery: Oh So Jo’s Craft Table with Formica® Writable Surfaces

“The Perfect Desk for Any Creative”

Craft room laminate table top with writable surface

When Jo Gick needed a surface for her new craft room, she knew just where to turn.

“From experience, I knew that a Formica desk surface was going to be the best bet,” Jo wrote on her blog. “It ticked the 3 boxes I needed, durability, light color and affordability.”

But beyond the performance characteristics, Jo found that the ImagiGrid pattern offered additional benefits.

“I think one of the coolest things about the ImagiGrid product is the one inch grid square pattern printed on the Formica laminate. It isn't only a perfect linear pattern to compliment the curvilinear arches on the walls of my space, this makes it so easy to measure stuff when I am cutting fabric, ribbons and measuring random things.”

View the gallery below for more images from Jo Gick’s new craft room featuring Formica® Writable Surfaces:

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