Taking adventure to the next level: Nordvan reinvents 4-season RV travel

Taking adventure to the next level: Nordvan reinvents 4-season RV travel

Formica® and FENIX™ products add a modern touch to these top-of-the-line vehicles.

Louis and Josée, a couple with a passion for adventure travel, are the founders of Nordvan, a company that specializes in top-of-the-line, custom-built recreational vehicles. The company builds autonomous 4-season RVs designed to its customers’ specifications.

Nordvan mainly outfits Mercedes Sprinter vehicles and handles all aspects of vehicle conversion, from interior fitting to top-of-the-line finishing, including adding accessories to make the vehicle functional and lend it an off-road look. Nordvan RVs are designed to withstand Quebec winters and deliver total autonomy from water to electricity, solar power, heating, refrigeration, and even a heated indoor shower.

Nordvan Everform Black Lava (505) et White Formica Laminate (949)
Drawers in FENIX™ Nero Ingo (J0720), countertop and table in Everform® Solid Surface Black Lava (501), and wall and cupboards in Formica® White (949) laminate.


As avid RV users with extensive experience in the field, Nordvan’s in-house team develops the most spacious and functional interior layouts to ensure each customer's needs are met. The company also strives to offer high-end aesthetics in line with current trends while using materials that are four-season, temperature-resistant and lightweight.

When it comes to materials, the company calls on Formica® and FENIX™ products to design its vehicles’ walls, built-in furniture, countertops, and tables. Clients can choose from the full range of Formica® laminates and FENIXmaterials. While the walls of the vehicles are always white, the rest of the design is up to the customer. However, following a meeting and discussion to establish their tastes, the company supports clients in making their choices by offering them a design and colour plan.

Nordvan 180fx Wide Planked Walnut (9479), White Formica Laminate (949) and Greystone Formica Laminate (464)
Table and countertop in 180fx® Wide Planked Walnut (9479) laminate, wall and upper cabinets in Formica® White (949) laminate, and lower cabinets in Formica® Graystone (464) laminate.


The high quality of Formica® and FENIX products and their broad colour palette were key criteria in Nordvan’s decision to use them, as was the fact that they’re locally manufactured. “The wide choice of designs and colours, as well as the quality of the products, allow us to create fabulous looking custom-made and durable fittings, which is important in RV design,” says Nordvan founder Louis Tetu.

The company stands out for its personalized service and top-of-the-line made-to-measure fittings, which allow clients to add various accessories to suit their specific needs and make RVs even more attractive and practical. Moreover, clients appreciate being able to store their bikes inside the RV, a perk that can make a huge difference for true cycling enthusiasts.

Nordvan Formica Laminate White (949) and Everform Luna Brite White (408)
Upper cabinets in Formica® White (949) laminate, lower cabinets in FENIX™ Grigio Efeso (J0725), and countertop and table in Everform® Solid Surface Luna Brite White (408).


With a client base mainly made up of people over 50, Nordvan caters to keen sports enthusiasts looking for unique experiences and comfort in all seasons. The company's reputation for quality and expertise precedes it. Indeed, most customers have already made up their minds to do business with Nordvan even before they visit the workshop, having been seduced by vehicles they've come across on the road or on social media.

Nordvan’s customized adventure vehicles are the stuff that sports and adventure dreams are made of.

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