EazyVans delivers turnkey RV conversions

EazyVans delivers turnkey RV conversions

Peerless interiors courtesy of Formica® products and FENIX™ innovative materials.

EazyVans specializes in converting vehicles into motorized RVs and delivers innovative and versatile solutions to outdoor enthusiasts, sports enthusiasts, and travellers. This Cowansville-based company boasts a team of five employees and is positioning itself as a major player in its field by offering top-of-the-line turnkey vehicles that combine aesthetics, functionality, and performance.

The company mainly converts Ford Transit vehicles and handles the interior design of the vehicles entirely in-house. Every detail is carefully considered to ensure the ergonomics of the space while meeting each customer’s unique preferences and needs. Using extensive 3D computer modelling, EazyVans cuts Formica® laminate parts with a CNC router, which guarantees high-precision assembly and finishing unavailable by traditional methods.

Formica Brite White (459)
Black accents in FENIX™ Nero Ingo (J0720), and white accents in Formica® Brite White (459) laminate.


Thanks to these cutting-edge techniques, customers can choose from a range of customizable configurations and take delivery of a vehicle that reflects who they are and meets their needs adventure-wise in an impressive six-week timeframe for standard models.

Vehicle interiors sport a modern, streamlined look, featuring Formica® products and FENIX™ innovative materials. The company uses these products mainly for the design of the cabinets. "The high quality of Formica® and FENIX™ brand products, as well as the range of colours and their accessibility, were determining factors in the choice of these products for our EazyVans," says founder Olivier Barré

While the company specializes in turnkey projects, it also offers a range of unique interior and exterior products for enthusiasts looking to fit out or modify their own vehicles, such as bed-lift mechanisms or modular roof racks to design their own luggage rack.

EazyVans Sasquatch Vehicle

The EazyVans Sasquatch: primed for any adventure

EazyVans' customers – mainly sporty early retirees – are looking for a luxury, user-friendly product for their year-round activities. To this end, the company offers turnkey solutions that perfectly meet their specific needs.

For instance, the Sasquatch RV was commissioned by a cycling enthusiast in search of adventure. The transformation aimed at creating an ergonomic, reliable, and high-performance living space and involved the complete conversion of a four-season Ford Transit AWD.

Every stage of the Sasquatch conversion was meticulously planned to ensure the best possible result. From design to manufacturing, including the electrical systems, the aim was to provide unrivalled comfort and functionality.

"With the Sasquatch project, we were able to demonstrate our ability to offer high-end, highly customized conversions on tight deadlines and budgets. Design, build quality, and finish were at the heart of the client's concerns, and Formica® and FENIX™ products enabled us to stand out and exceed expectations," says Olivier Barré, founder of EazyVans.

The Sasquatch is the perfect balance between robustness and elegance and offers a tailor-made solution for outdoor adventuring.

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