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Carmelite Daycare – O’Toole Design

Coordinating Design and Durability at Carmelite Daycare

Formica Carmelite Daycare 5875 Neutral Weft 2 825x550

Certainly style and durability are important factors for every interior design, but they take on added importance when designing a space to be used by children under the age of six.

That was the challenge faced by Senior Designer Debbie Stamer and Designer Rachel Townsend of O'Toole Design Associates, Inc. when called upon to remodel the Carmelite Daycare in Kirkwood, Missouri.

“We were trying to create a fun and whimsical space for the kids, while at the same time making it durable, safe, and easy to clean,” Stamer said. “We also purposefully chose a neutral palette to help create a calming effect in a high-energy environment.”

O’Toole found the perfect solution by tapping into a wide range of Formica® Brand Surfaces, including the new HardStop® Decorative Protection Panels for added style and durability in the restrooms.

“We looked at competitor products, but most were really boring colours, sterile, or looked like plastic,” Townsend said. “With the HardStop® Panels, we loved that we could use the same laminate design we were using elsewhere in the space and carry it into the restroom on a cleanable, durable surface. It was a perfect fit.”

Because HardStop® is available in the full range of Formica® Brand Laminate colours and patterns, O’Toole scoured their options and settled on Neutral Weft as a beautiful base colour for the HPL cabinets and lockers, and then carried the same look into the restroom for the wall panels.

“Having a consistent look throughout the space is great,” Stamer said. “We were able to incorporate a calming, neutral colour that is offset by the bold pops of primary colour from the artwork and accessories created by the kids.”

In the classrooms, they chose Blanco Terrazzo Everform Solid Surface to further add to the design and durability equation.

“If you think about the daycare environment, the sink counters in the classrooms are abused daily by paint, markers, and so much more,” Townsend said.  “We found the Everform Solid Surface counters to be a great choice for durability and cleanliness.” 

With a focus on design and durability, O’Toole Design has delivered a beautiful environment at Carmelite Daycare that will last for years to come. 

Find Your Perfect with Formica® Brand Surfaces.

Debbie Stamer and Rachel Townsend, O'Toole Design Associates, Inc.

Sean Naeger and Jessica Mann, M+H Architects

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