Formica Asia launches Formica Protec+®

Formica Asia launches Formica Protec+®

Formica Group announced the launch of a brand new hygienic collection consisting of 35 designs of antimicrobial HPL, named Protec+® Antifungal + Antibacterial = Antimicrobial

With an increasing awareness of the problem associated with microbes, it has led to a collaboration of Formica and BioCote® to present Formica Protec+®, a high performance premium laminate product with an additional layer of hygienic protection to any environment through the utilization of antimicrobial properties of silver (Ag+).

Silver technology is recognized as the most effective and safest antimicrobial treatment

In the form of silver ions, the technology is introduced during the manufacturing process providing the surface with protection. Effective against a broad spectrum of microbes, Formica Protec+® prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi, providing a more hygienic surface and protecting against their potentially negative effects by stopping cell division, damaging the bacteria/microbes structures and disrupting energy production and other essential functions.

This protection will last for the expected lifetime of the product and microbial growth is continually reduced helping to reduce cross-contamination, prevent odours and stains and prevent product deterioration 24 hours daily. A safer, cleaner and more hygienic environment, with a reduction of up to 99.5% of microbes achieved in 2 hours!

For a peace of mind, choose the safe choice.

While there are other antimicrobial HPL products with other antimicrobial technology available, Formica’s experienced technical R&D team alongside with BioCote®, have undergone a series of 360° research to ensure the safety and performance of our antimicrobial technology prior to this launch, making Formica Protec+® the ideal choice. Furthermore, registered around the world, silver technology is not considered harmful to humans and viewed favourably by competent authorities.

Formica Protec+® has been independently tested against ISO 22196:2011, JIS Z2801 and ASTM G21. Available in 4’ x 8’ size, this collection is available (SKU) in 23 solid colour decors and 12 wood grain decors in the universal “Matte™” finish. All other HPL decors are available for customization with the Protec+® antimicrobial properties on indent basis.

Providing an effective secondary support to existing cleaning regimes in the fight against contamination in all environments, Formica Protec+® will continuously contributes to keeping the environment more hygienic and fresher throughout the expected lifetime of the product.

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