7-episode Miniseries to Inspire Your Next Home Project

Hosted by Lee Teng, Home Sweet Talk is a 7-episode miniseries brought to you by Formica Singapore. Let's explore and be inspired by the beautiful creations that you can create with Formica products and learn about interior design tips from our guest designers.

Ep 1 | In the Kitchen with Daryl Aiden

Learn to make delicious Classic Ondeh Tarts with Daryl Aiden

Ep 2 | Small Space Seamless Design

Learn from the designer to form a nice cohesive flow and look

Ep 3 | Inside Designer’s House with Styling Tips

Learn some home styling tips you might not know

Ep 4 | Mum’s Perfect Gift by Kewei Tay & Alfred Sim

A kitchen make-over for Kewei Tay & Alfred Sim’s mom

Ep 5 | Speakeasy Home Design

A cozy condo of a newlywed couple

Ep 6 | A Day with the Extra•Ordinary People 

Lee Teng visits the Extra•Ordinary kids

Ep 7 | An Australian Coastal Home in Singapore

Coastal homes might just be the perfect style if you love the sun, sand and the sea

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