Discover FENIX at Moriko Livin

Discover FENIX at Moriko Livin

Discovery of FENIX has been easier for home owners and industry professionals. Visit Moriko Livin showroom to experience the innovative materials for interior design created by Arpa Industriale for a range of vertical and horizontal interior design applications: kitchens, hospitality, healthcare, transportation, bathrooms and furniture. With low light reflectivity, the FENIX surface is extremely opaque, soft touch and anti-fingerprint. Thermal healing of superficial micro-scratches is also possible.

PT. Moriko Utama Desain

Boulevard Gading Serpong Raya,
Mendrisio 3, Blok D No-18,
Tangerang Selatan 15810

Phone Number: +62 8129 1131 680
Email: [email protected]

Monday - Friday 10.00-17.00 (by appointment)
Saturday - Sunday 10.00-15.00 (by appointment)


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