Introducing SurfaceSet® 2020

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Counterop and drawers 9285 White Twill 109 Brite White ColorCore2

Commercial Products

When it comes to adding durability, functionality and wow factor to commercial spaces, Formica® Brand surfaces are second to none.

Oranges in a bowl on countertop 7405 Istanbul Marble 180fx

Residential Products

With Formica® Brand surfaces, homeowners get the looks they crave across a wide range of designs that feature easy maintenance, beauty and durability.

Restaurant counter and chairs 8918 Blackened Steel ColorCore2 Compact

What's New

From product launches to partnerships, see what's new in the world of Formica® Brand.

Formica® Brand Find Your Perfect Formica® Laminate HPL Formica Envision™ Custom Laminate

Find Your Perfect™

What is perfect anyways? That’s up to you. Because what’s perfect for you or your clients is different than what’s perfect for someone else. That’s more than okay. That should be embraced and celebrated, from how you work to how you design. And for that, we have a Formica® Product that’s perfect for you. Whatever your perfect might be.

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