Combining stunning real metal surfaces with the flexibility and practicality of laminate, the range offers a fresh and exciting collection of exclusive designs.

Formica®Decometal®new items launched

Metals are one of the favorite materials in commercial scenarios –used in fashion, accessories, table wares, splash backs, furnitures, interiors as surface material or accent.
Designers pair metallic with contrasting materials such as glass, plastics and wood, creating intriguing contrasts, and play with shapes that will reflect light across rooms or highlight textural contrasts.

DIAMOND geometry in triangles + diamond shaped layouts │A geometric faceted pattern makes the metals more directional. Small-scale geometric patterns replicate the intricacy of 3D folds which subtle shifts in color to replicate a sense of shadow and light. Geometrics are inspired by the past and future: the geometrics reference retro patterns, as the 1970s continues to influence design, but are also fused with contemporary elements for a style that is both timeless and modern, mimic 3D surfaces.


DIMPLED  artisanal techniques + modern hexagon design An inspiration of artisanal techniques recalls a memory of old time. A time-old technique,hammeringhas seen a renaissance in recent seasons, elevating the hand-applied, textural finish to a contemporary appeal and application. Crushed surfaces and deeper grooves lead a more worn, distressed style.

LOUNGE handmade fibre + metallic leather | Revolutionizing fashion and interiors fabrics, brands increasing include metallic in their collections with a handmade or artistic design. Molten metallic tones achieved through all-over embellishment and coated leathers dominate for an opulent, premium feel. 

CRAFT organic carved + modern textured metal | Craft adds dimension to complex solid colors by adding a deep and larger scale texture behind Plex’s overall low sheen finish.  Organic in feel, and reminiscent of techniques used on wood, Craft combines the organic feel of carved wood, with the high tech look of modern metal in new trend forward colors. Highly textured surface works add an unrefined and tactile side to objects, exploring new textures with hammered, corrugated and debossed interventions. These works add a timeworn, antique-look and lived-in touch to metallic designs, enlivening surfaces with beautiful imperfection that warms up the interiors. DecoMetal® offers a warmer Argent Craft, Umbra Craft, and Bronze toned Craft with a Plex texture evokes the natural world and hand-made design, harmoniously and can be combined for maximum interior design usability.

LAVA fluidity + mirror shine | A favor of Nature, dripping, molten metal effects are emerging as a new material direction. Reflective surfaces are uneven, giving the appearance of liquid. Metallic surfaces bring a sense of fluidity to decor, with mirror shine and liquid movements creating intrigue. Poured or molten effects –either in real metal or mimicked in glass, ceramic and other materials –give the surface a subtly wavy and irregular finish, evoking rippling waters. The use of reflective lacquers and hyper-polished materials adds a surprising lightness and sensorial appeal to surfaces.

MESH fabrics crinkle + metallic tactility There is always an ornate, opulent side to textiles, seen in golden embroidery, woven or gilded patterns, and historical embossed surface motifs. Why we don’t do it in the other way around? Mesh series brings tactility center-stage, adding an ornamental and visual interest to decor. Adding fabrics feature, crinkle and crumple which softens metal look in a actual way, unexpected, surprised, with metallic glint for a more luxe touch, delicate and sophisticated.

ANTIQUED  | Corrugated sheet metal is the archetypal urban material: humble, anonymous and unpretentious, strong and durable. Weathered, tarnished and rusted surfaces give the impression of aged and worn materials with a story to tell.

POLISHED high-shine | Metallic surfaces are becoming increasingly diverse, from the extremes of dry, rusted steels through to glossy high-shine and mirror finishes. High-shine metallics add a lustrous shine to interiors in gold, silver and colored finishes, still have a strong presence across interiors. Gold is pared-back and cooled down to bring a subtle, luxurious element to interiors. High-shine metallic remain a show-stopper, especially in golden hues, thanks to their commercial appeal, innate glint and easy association with luxury. The gleaming, mirrored sheen meets minimalist shapes, adding a refined sophistication to ordinary items.

BRUSHED a refined sheen  | Adding a hint of texture, brushed surfaces are applied across a range of interior categories, from lighting to wall coverings.Smooth and brushed metallic surfaces infuse products with a refined sheen, bringing the delicate minimalism to interiors, ranging from sleek and luxurious decoration, to industrial and contemporary statements.  Copper, bronze, silver and colored metals are gently brushed and hammered to create a luxe aesthetic, dark metallics create an architectural and modern industrial look with adding tactility to the surfaces.

PLEX  textile feature + radiance of natural metals | Exclusive to Formica Group, the new texture illuminates the beauty and radiance of natural metals, giving a touch of luxury, glamour and authenticity to vertical surfaces. Created as a texture on top of real metal foils, Plex is a small scale, versatile finish that impresses with its textile feel, crisp touch and rather low gloss sheen. The inspirations behind the new finish were crisp satin and silk weaves with their subtle reflective quality and pleasant dry touch. Formica Group also worked to the trend from traditional cool to new warm tones. This gives users the freedom to mix and match with established looks in the range. Plex is available on gold, bronze, argent, umbra and graphite DecoMetal laminates. The result -a highly desirable and tactile laminate surface which exudes quality and helps achieve a fresh, timeless look. 

Design Story

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