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Formica Corporation:
Materializing Sustainability

At Formica Corporation, we continually strive to create innovative products that promote a healthier environment to support sustainable design. We recently unveiled plans that will lead us to net carbon neutrality by 2030.

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5015 11 Black Painted Marble kitchen island with 9319 BH Stainless and 9312 NG Planked Urban Oak

Buying Laminate Counters

A step-by-step guide to selecting and buying your next laminate countertop.
cleaning supplies

Cleaning Tips

View our recommendations on how to clean and disinfect your Formica® surfaces.

Apples on breakfast bar countertop 7403 Nero Marquina 180fx

Advice and Ideas

Articles and case studies to inspire your next design project.
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DIY Projects

Discover how simple and fun DIY projects can be with Formica Group.
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5016 11 Watercolor Porcelain dining room table with candles

The Living Impressions™ Collection

Artisan inspired surfacing for uniquely modern spaces.

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267 8958 58 Bubble Art 730x550

Digital Material Libraries

See all Formica® Brand products within the Digital Material Library that fit your design program.

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