What is the warranty on Formica Infiniti®?

The limited warranty for Formica Infiniti® is one (1) year from the date of first purchase.

Please refer to our Technical Data sheet for warranty details.

Does Formica Infiniti® match with Formica Standard Laminate?
Due to the super matte finish, Formica Infiniti® has a different hue from its corresponding Formica Standard HPL.
Where can I find Use & Care information?

Formica Infiniti® is chemical resistant and will withstand rigorous cleaning protocols. 

Formica detailed information please refer to our Formica Infiniti® Technical Data.

What are some common applications for Formica Infiniti®?

Formica Infiniti® can be used in both vertical and horizontal applications. Due to its functionality and durability, Formica Infiniti® is suitable for all types of settings that calls for countertops, tables, doors, partitions, cabinets and furniture placed in cafes, quick service restaurants, hotels and stores, healthcare and commercial offices.

Has Formica Infiniti® been third party tested?
Yes, Formica Infiniti® has undergone different third-party tests in order to support its' performance properties:

> Resist fingerprints: ASTM D 4256-98 test protocol that uses artificial Sebum to mimic fingerprint. Passed

> Antibacterial: Bacteria test JIS Z 2801 (Ecoli and MRSA) and Fungi test ASTM G21. Passed

> SEFA approved (Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association). Formica Infiniti® resists harsh chemicals.

> NSF approved (National Sanitation Foundation). Formica Infiniti® is approved for food contact surface.

> Greenguard Gold Certified. Formica Infiniti® meets strict chemical emissions limits, which contribute to the creation of healthier interiors.

For more information about test results, please refer to our Formica Infiniti® Technical Data.

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