Gym shower 102 Arctic Formica Solid Surfacing

Wet Walls and Shower Pans

Everform™ Solid Surface is the ideal choice for tough, wet environments.

Everform™ Solid Surface Wet Walls and Shower Pans are economical, repairable, Greenguard certified, and proudly Made-in-the-USA with fabrication friendly acrylic materials that can be seamlessly constructed to fit most bath and shower systems.  Not only is Solid Surfacing professional and sleek in appearance, but also highly durable in areas with heavy use on a daily basis. Everform™ Solid Surface is a non-porous material, which is great for bathrooms as it does not harbor bacterial growth with proper cleaning and care.

Shower head 102 Arctic Formica Solid Surfacing

Wet Walls

Our wet walls are available in 102 Arctic, and come in standard sizing: 3'x8', 4'x8', 5'x8' with 1/4" thickness for easy installation with matching Shower Pans in two unique designs. 

Everform™ Solid Surface Fabrication Guide (Wet Walls)
Shower pan 102 Arctic Formica Solid Surfacing

Shower Pans

Our shower pans are offered in standard square or rectangular bath sizes. In addition, ADA compatible shower pans are available via special order. Formica® Shower Pans are the perfect touch to complete your project.

 Shower Pan Installation Guide


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