SurfaceSet® 2018 by Formica Corporation

Refresh, rethink and recreate interior spaces.

7412 58 Planked Raw Oak

Bringing Fresh Healthcare Designs to Life

SurfaceSet® 2020 delivers the functionality healthcare clients need with lasting beauty

9685 58 Black Recycled Kraft 780 Luna Stone 8243 58 Night Shade

Recycled Content

Products made from industrial waste.

7872 PX Moonstone

Our Textures

Create the perfect look with an array of textures.

planked urban oak

Personal Sanctuary

Comfort amid chaos. Celebrate the emotional connections to everyday objects as our personal time and spaces become ever more precious.

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Color goes freehand. Painterly brush strokes and textural daubs make for intriguingly tactile surfaces, heightening the sensory experience with strong, saturated color.

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Smart Organic

Rethinking and remaking materials. Nature and man-made materials collaborate to create something entirely new.

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