Retail shelves with product 6416 Charred Formwood ColorCore2

The 2019 ColorCore®2 Collection

Eliminate brown seams with new patterns and two new ColorCore®2 product lines that have color through the core.


More colors, more patterns, more products - all with color through core! Discover the innovative new combinations of Formica Infiniti® ColorCore®2 and ColorCore®2 Compact, two unique collections created to unleash additional flexibility in design. 

Doctors office countertop with supplies 9285 White Twill 109 Brite White ColorCore2

8 Applications For

Formica Infiniti® ColorCore®2

Trash can and tray return 928 58 mouse colorcore2 compact

Top 5 Applications For

ColorCore®2 Compact

Bench with glasess 969 Navy ColorCore2 Compact

Get to Know

ColorCore®2 Compact

Spa countertop 949 White ColorCore2


ColorCore®2 Laminate

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