408 Luna Brite White 410 Argento Terrazzo Matrix 5796 NG Graphite Elm 5349 Fossil desk

Introducing Everform™ Solid Surface

Formerly known as Formica® Solid Surfacing, this curated collection of acrylic surfaces includes 38 patterns ideal for hardworking spaces with broad appeal

Terrazzo. Micropattern. Soft and Ethereal. These trends influenced the eight new designs that round out the 38-pattern Everform™ Solid Surface Collection. This exceptional product is ideal for high-traffic environments with its renewable, hygienic and nonporous properties. Everform™ Solid Surface can also be molded into virtually any shape to support maximum design flexibility and pairs beautifully with coordinated accessories such as sinks and wet walls. It’s perfect for hard-working commercial surfaces and is particularly well-suited to healthcare and education design.

2021 Everform Solid Surface Collection

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