Meet the New DecoMetal® Laminates

Meet the New DecoMetal® Laminates

Leading the Way in Metallic Laminates

Formica Group is at the forefront of design when it comes to embracing emerging trends and developing new products rooted in design reality. The Global Design team worked with architects and designers around the country to learn what piqued their interest from a metals perspective. This feedback, in addition to what the team captured at global events, formed the basis of the 2018 launch of six new DecoMetal® options, which were the clear winners selected from 50 prototypes.

Introducing Six New DecoMetal® Metal Laminates

Formica Group has expanded its DecoMetal® collection to include six stunning new options for integrating metals into hospitality spaces. These beautiful choices embody the trends discussed above and give designers new avenues for inviting metals into their work.

Matte Rose Gold – blush pink undertone with a low-sheen finish
Matte Bronze – warm gold with a low-sheen finish
Matte Graphite – cool gray coloration with a low-sheen finish
Oxibronze – warm colored metals with an artisan crafted fluid effect
Matte Bronze Labyrinth – debossed large-scale geometric pattern in bronze 
Matte Rose Gold Labyrinth – debossed large-scale geometric pattern in luxe rose gold

Adding Elements of Delight with DecoMetal®

Opportunities abound for bringing DecoMetal® into chic hospitality spaces. The ideas below are some of the many ways innovative designers are featuring DecoMetal®

  • A backdrop for sleek bar areas and banquettes
  • Feature walls in lobbies
  • Guest room headboard inlays
  • Vertical wraps for side tables and accent furniture
  • Cabinetry inlays and drawer fronts
  • Reception desk areas
  • Column wrapping
  • Ceiling installations

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