Ask the Experts: HardStop™ Decorative Protection Panels

In a continuing series on, we have teamed up with the Formica Group Technical Team to answer some of the most common questions we receive from fabricators about our surfaces. Of course, if you have specific or unique questions, you can always reach us directly at 1-800-FORMICA (367-6422), but you may be able to find a quick answer to a common question below.

Ask the Experts Hard Stop

Today, we explore HardStop™ Decorative Protection Panels.

Question: What are HardStop™ Decorative Protection Panels? 

Answer: HardStop™ Panels represent the next generation of decorative wall protection. Featuring a fiberglass core for superior durability, HardStop™ Panels are available in the full spectrum of Formica® Brand colors that coordinate perfectly with other surfaces. HardStop™ is scratch, stain, water, and chemical resistant and offers a Class A fire rating. The panels come in 4’ x 8’ or 4’ x 10’ sheets, and available with a 10-day lead time.

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Question: Where would you install HardStop™ Decorative Protection Panels?

Answer: HardStop is ideal for wainscotting, wall panels, columns, elevator cabs, room dividers, doors, cabinet fronts, desk and bar fronts, backsplashes, counters and table tops. Download our lookbook for more inspiration.

Question: How do you cut HardStop™ Panels?

Answer: A few cutting tips from our installation guide:

  • To reduce the potential for chipping, always cut the HardStop™ Panels with the backside up when using a circular saw. 
  • All inside corners (i.e. for outlets) must be cut with a minimum radius of 1 / 8 " (or 3.175mm). 
  • Whenever drilling into HardStop™ Panels, use oversized holes. 
  • A twist drill bit will work, allow for some type of low profile washer head screws or an escutcheon to cover the drilled hole.

With the proper tools and guidance, HardStop™ Panels are easily fabricated and installed by trained professionals. We have extensive technical briefs and installation guides available in the pro resources section of the product page.

Question: How do you install HardStop™ Panels?

Answer: HardStop™ Panels can be installed using Advanced Polymer Panel Adhesive (for any application) or HardStop™ Spray Adhesive (for drywall applications only). In addition to the installation guides on our website, we have created the following instructional videos to walk you through the process.

Using Advanced Polymer Panel Adhesive:

Using HardStop Spray Adhesive:

Question: What trim/finishing is available for HardStop™ Panels?

Answer: HardStop™ Panels can be installed using our selection of seam treatments. Formica Group offers a variety of anodized aluminum trims that come in five profiles for any application: Inside Corner, Outside Corner, Division Bar and End Cap. Color coordinated 100% silicone caulk can also be used. Explore seam treatment options.

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If you have questions regarding HardStop™ Panels that are not addressed here, please contact Formica Group Technical Services, 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Eastern, Monday through Friday at 1-800-FORMICA (367-6422).

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