The Advantages of Formica® Writable Surfaces Over Paint

The Formica® Writable Surfaces collection is durable and stain-resistant, making it an ideal alternative to paint. 

Chalkboard drawing 3037 Black ChalkAble Writable Surfaces


Available in more than 50 unique colors and patterns, the Formica® Writable Surfaces collection is ideal for personalizing your home, and offers an ever-changing surface for doodles, notes, and more. And, Formica® Writable Surfaces have the added benefit of being simple, sturdy, and easier to maintain than other writable surfaces.  

  1. Smooth Writable Surface: Paint, whether chalkboard or dry erase, is typically applied to a drywall or wood surface.  Drywall, even at a premium finish, will have small pits which become places for marker and chalk to become embedded over time.  Older homes will have added challenges of patching and wear, creating a surface that will never be perfectly flat. Formica® Writable Surfaces offer a consistently smooth finish not easily achieved through other writable paint.
  2. Inherently Scratch & Impact Resistant: All writable surfaces from Formica Group are inherently scratch and impact resistant. This is a major plus when considering a writable surface for high traffic areas of the home such as the kitchen or an entry. And let's be honest, when did kids start caring about how precious our walls can be?
  3. Easy to Clean: Formica® Writable Surfaces can be easily cleaned with a cloth or an eraser. (Find out how to deep clean Formica® Writable Surfaces.) Writable paint, on the other hand, should be washed weekly to avoid permanent ghosting. Continuous washing wears down the paint overtime and it will need repainted with constant use and cleaning.
  4. Horizontal & Vertical Application: The versatility of the Formica® Writable Surfaces collection is truly endless. Its unique ability to be installed on most vertical and horizontal surfaces cannot be achieved with paint. Adhere your writable surface across an entire wall, any piece of furniture, cabinet fronts, desks, counters and more. Personalize your home and allow your entire family to do the same with one piece of chalk or a marker.

Start a conversation in your home with Formica® Writable Surfaces. Not sure where to begin? View the slideshow on this page for inspiration from our professional design team!

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