Four Palettes That Draw Inspiration from the Pantone Color of the Year 2019

PANTONE Living Coral, the Color of the Year 2019, inspired us to come up with several palettes showcasing a similar eye-catching hue.

Formica® Brand Laminate in Clementine is a great option for adding unique flair to any space. Interestingly, it can be used as either a feature color for some pop or as a neutral solid to blend harmoniously with other components. Let’s explore four palettes, two of which use Clementine as the star of the show, and two where it’s a background element.

 Using Clementine as a Feature Color

The Mid-Century Modern Palette 

The design aesthetics of post-WWII America featured new and exciting changes in everything from design and art to urban development. In this palette, we channeled the distinct vibe of this period as well as the International and Bauhaus movements that inspired it with an updated approach to surfacing. This palette is both grounded and lighthearted with the interplay between bright colors, wood and fabric looks, and even a metallic touch. We think of this as the Don Draper Dream! 

2962-58 Clementine bursts forth in this palette, followed by the softer 8820-58 Leaf Green and 1520-58 Infinity Formica® Laminates. Clementine would be perfect for a feature wall or table surface.

Each of these colors reappears as a soft collective set off against a light background in the 505 Sea Glass Formica® Solid Surfacing pattern. 

8956-58 Bubble Science adds movement and a whimsical note with gray-blue rising from a white background.

M2042 Brasstoned Brushed Aluminum DecoMetal® highlights one of the metals used frequently in Mid-Century design and adds shine to this dynamic collection. 

6401-43 Natural Walnut brings in the look of one of America’s classic woods with its long lines and realistic aberrations. 

As a final piece, 6448-58 Infinity Duotex adds visual texture. It’s reminiscent of the fabrics common during this period, such as the glen plaid look for men’s suits, which had an inviting nap to them.

The Hamptons Palette

The Hamptons palette is a fun, lighthearted escape from the pressures and constant connectivity of modern life. These colors and textures help us reconnect with nature, and we can almost hear the waves crashing on the sand as we settle in to watch the day unfold with the wind at our backs. 

2962-AN Clementine becomes a sophisticated focal point in this collection, evoking the richness of a sunrise at the shore. It could be used as a bright pantry door (think Formica® Writable Surfaces Markerboard in the -90 gloss finish!), an island countertop ideal for gathering, or for distinctive cabinet fronts with fingerprint resistance and carefree maintenance! 

This vibrant orange complements 8821-AN Just Blue perfectly to incorporate the feel of an expansive sky stretching overhead. 

8902-NG White Painted Wood brings in a worn look that’s equal parts carefree and cultivated. It makes the perfect backdrop for casual living. 

To evoke the ever-changing nature of life on the ocean, M6484 Argent Craft DecoMetal® adds shimmering tones and the tiny peaks and valleys the wind creates as it gently moves the sand. 

5627-13 Paloma Grey dECOLeather® adds texture in a soft, subtle way, and is just a hint lighter than the 8751 Mojave in ColorCore®2 Laminate. Together, they bring in the earthiness of these distinctive landscapes. 

Finally, 3698-58 Beluga Beige laminate and 770 Bottle Glass Quartz Formica® Solid Surfacing add fresh focal points that incorporate the other colors in the palette in a new but different way. The Bottle Glass Quartz is reminiscent of worn sea glass that washes up on the beach.

Using Clementine as a Neutral

The 1970s Arts and Crafts Palette

With the news in late 2018 that HGTV had purchased “The Brady Bunch” house to turn back the clock on its interior design, we started thinking in a ‘70s sort of way. This retro, bohemian palette showcases the best of layered, textured 1970s décor reimagined within an Arts and Crafts context. The correlation between lighter and darker tones pulls together as a cohesive, refined entity that imbues a cozy, welcoming feel centered around natural elements (without the goldenrod shag carpet!). 

In this look 2962-AN Clementine functions as a neutral that complements the other light and dark tones. This color could be used as an edge profile on a counter, a background for display shelves, or as a backsplash or cabinet inlay. 

9497-34 Silver Quartzite adds a sense of motion and layered depth with the chocolate veining and soft cream and gray swirled background. 

M6486 Plex Bronzetoned DecoMetal® brings in the shine with a reflective surface and soothing bronze appearance.

Not to be outdone, 5487-NT Oiled Walnut brings its own touch of orange and adds linear movement in an updated nod to the timber paneling of the ‘70s.   

403 Glacier Ore is part of the Formica® Solid Surfacing collection. It is a clean look perfect for setting off some of the moodier surfacing options in this group.

As a final hint of gravitas, 5616-13 Mahogany dECOLeather® adds a luxurious, tactile surface in an earthy, deep hue.

The Opposites Attract Palette

This palette tells the story of opposing forces that complement each other, creating a memorable push-and-pull feel that’s dramatic yet inviting. First, there’s the interplay of dark and light as shown with the stone and woodgrain duos. It’s also a story of warm and cool tones, with coordinating colors, patterns and even a metal to elevate the collection.

2962-AN Clementine is again a surprising, warm neutral here set against the contrast created between dark and light entities. It could be incorporated as accent edging on a table or a small feature wall behind a secondary counter area. 

With its grounding gray color, 928-58 Mouse is a respite from the strength of the Clementine, and yet it complements the brightness of the orange. 

Movement and moodiness enter the picture with 9537-34 Stormy Night Granite, an expansive stone look from our 180fx® Laminate collection. The swirling charcoal and ice tones tie into a shifting geologic story that is calmed by the other natural components.

6314-34 Neo Cloud inserts gray veining into an off-white foundation as a perfect contrast to the Stormy Night Granite.

Two woodgrain selections, 8905-58 Waxed Maple and 8906-58 Danish Maple bring the outdoors in and offer strong lines that counteract the churning stone looks and laminate solids. 

927-58 Folkstone and M5311 Brushed Argent DecoMetal® round out this palette with their varying shades of gray as well as the contrast between the matte laminate finish and the metallic sheen.


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