KBIS 2019 Design Trends

KBIS 2019 Design Trends

Explore design trends from KBIS 2019.

One thing’s certain when it comes to the design industry: It never stands still! The Formica Group International Design team is constantly going to shows where forward-thinking makers of furniture, surfacing, fixtures, appliances and more highlight their innovative approaches to creating inviting and functional spaces.

The team recently returned from KBIS, the leading kitchen and bath industry show held in Las Vegas. Here’s the scoop on what piqued their interest. These trends may even inspire you with some fresh ideas during your next design project!

Color Trends

Gray Transitioning to Warm Neutrals: For years, light interiors have prevailed, with gray and white being front and center to establish welcoming, neutral spaces. While gray was still very much in force across the board at KBIS, we saw the beginnings of a transition toward the incorporation of warm neutrals such as taupe and beige.

Jewel Tones:  Navy blue cabinetry was also on the scene, in addition to greens in both soft mint and sage tones. In fact, the reemergence of deep green as a focal point in designs was something our designers noticed at several recent shows, with this strong hue appearing for both appliances and cabinets. There were also some interesting new color uses from bathroom and kitchen fixture vendors, including variations on lavender, plum, and indigo. We’re interested to see how this takes shape in the coming months. 

Black and White: Black and white remains a design combo staple, and it’s always fun to see how this is interpreted at industry shows. At KBIS 2019, there were several instances of strong black marbles with stark white veining as well as black being used as a bold element within geometric shapes and patterns. Matte black fixtures and appliances continue to draw focus from stainless steel, and even some matte white appliances are now popping up.



Appliance makers are always looking for new ways to liven up their lines with attention-grabbing new sheens and color options. This year we saw warm stainless appliances, with inviting metals such as Tuscan bronze. Mixed metals in general were a leading trend, with unique applications used for surfaces and fixtures to add depth to kitchen and bath spaces.


Designers were getting creative at KBIS with several examples of interpreting natural materials in ways they don’t actually occur in nature. For example, we saw stone abstractions that veered away from how a natural stone pattern would typically appear and toward a more engineered look. Likewise, there were exotic wood abstractions and blackened woods in addition to real wood countertops. Terrazzo patterns also popped up a few times as a Mid-Century throwback element that is ever-evolving and relevant.


The team felt the shift toward European style trends in a few areas, with frameless cabinets featuring flush doors and no hardware being a prominent look. This imbues a simple and clean feeling that is making inroads in the U.S. as a mainstream design choice. Likewise, monolithic kitchen islands and thinner-profile surfaces presented a noteworthy shift for both natural stones and laminate surfaces.


KBIS always highlights what’s upcoming for electronics and technology, often in the form of more interactive appliances that are becoming command centers. This year, we were truly impressed by a 3D-printed Blade faucet and lavatory by American Standard that had everyone talking, including the Best of KBIS judges who awarded it Best of Show. 3D printing continues to evolve and delight.


It will be fascinating to see how these trends play out in the future, but you can be sure Formica Group will continue to offer a wide range of surfacing options to help you stay ahead of the curve.


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