Find a Fabricator for your Formica® Laminate Project

Formica® Brand offers a versatile collection of durable and functional laminates and writable surfaces to fit a variety of applications. 

Pair our products with a skilled fabricator, and build the project of your dreams! Formica® Laminate, once only thought for the kitchen, can be used in a variety of spaces around your home. Let Formica® Brand inspire your next project with these valuable ideas. 

When you decide you’re ready to tackle your next home project with Formica® Laminate, use our “Where to Buy Tool” to find a local retailer to help make your inspiration come true. Retailers work with many skilled fabricators who have worked with laminate in the past and should be able to help with unique applications, even applications with our Formica® Writable Surfaces products.

Sites such as Angie’s List, Home Advisor, and Porch are also great resources to find a local fabricator or carpenter with good reviews. There is no limit to the beauty you can create with the help of a skilled professional. 


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