The Distinctive Flair of dECOLeather® in Home Spaces

Have you ever noticed interesting leather surfaces on headboards, tables or walls in retail, office or hospitality spaces? Chances are, you were catching a glimpse of dECOLeather® Recycled Leather Veneer from Formica Group.

Counter with jewlery on it 5624 Antique Black Walrus dECOLeather

Meet dECOLeather®

dECOLeather® is a unique product that infuses style and distinction into any interior space with the look, feel and even the scent of real leather. This is because dECOLeather® is made from 70 percent pulverized leather fibers recycled from shoe and car seat manufacturers, as well as leather tanneries.

Architects and interior designers have long added leather to commercial spaces to imbue a sense of luxury. Now this same product is available for use in residential spaces to add attractive touches throughout the home. dECOLeather® can turn up the volume on a wide variety of light-duty horizontal and vertical surfaces. (Note: It’s not suitable for flooring, upholstery or padded surfaces.)

Durable and Easy to Maintain

dECOLeather® is exceptionally durable due to how it’s made. The density of the recycled leather veneer sheets is bolstered by resilient natural latex rubber and several layers of water-based protective coating. This process results in a surface that resists both stains and water, and can be cleaned easily with a mild, PH-balanced cleaner.

How It’s Installed

Professional installers can provide the expertise you need to install dECOLeather® in your next home project. There are many similarities to installing dECOLeather® and high-pressure laminate, but we break down the specifics for fabricating dECOLeather® in this video.

Livable Luxury

Whether a space features rustic, old-world appeal, contemporary elegance or something in between, dECOLeather® is perfect for homeowners in search of a little something special.

Let’s look at clever ways dECOLeather® can add subtle charm to any room.

Add intrigue to a headboard

Bed frame close up 5623 Ivory Croc 5626 Toffee Walrus dECOLeather

Refine a closet system

Door zoomed out with handle 5620 Fire Croc dECOLeather

Amp up a bathroom wall

Bathroom sink zoomed in 5629 Casino Royal dECOLeather

Wrap drawers for a luxurious look

Bathroom sink with vanity area 5621 Bianco Croc 5618 Coal Buffalo dECOLeather

Add to drawer interiors to protect special item

Bathroom sink with vanity area close up 5621 Bianco Croc dECOLeather

Highlight mirrors or artwork

Full length mirror 5623 Ivory Croc dECOLeather

Enhance an office desk

Desk with laptop 5617 Chocolate Buffalo dECOLeather

Apply for wainscoting or feature walls

Bar cart wall behind 5620 Fire Croc dECOLeather

Explore dECOLeather®

dECOLeather® is available in 18 colors and three rich textures: Buffalo, Walrus and Crocodile. View these options or buy now at

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