Ripcord Charges Forward with Intentek™ Surface

Ripcord is a Minneapolis-based production company focusing primarily on broadcast & digital content and helping clients find good uses of their marketing budgets at a time when budgets are getting tighter. With an eye for value, they have seen first-hand how the Intentek™ Wireless Charging Surface has made their work life simpler.

In their Minneapolis offices, Ripcord has four companies which share a common workspace. There’s a production company, a post-production side, an audio wing and the coloring and finishing company. They work symbiotically, and share a communal space.

“The communal space is almost more like a coffee shop than it is a kitchen,” said Conor Callahan, director of production. “Clients come in there for meetings. Producers or other freelancers use the space for however long they’re with us.”

Intentek Ripcord

The bar height table in the communal area gets a ton of use – so do the employee’s cell phones. Which is why the Intentek™ Wireless Charging Surface was a perfect option for Ripcord.

“We’re on the phone constantly in our business,” Callahan said. “Having the ability to drop your phone on the table and have it charge is invaluable – you’re not trying to find cords, steal other people’s cords, or unplug something else to plug your device in.”

The response from clients has been equally impressive.

“The moment a client sees you put your phone down on the table, they are so engaged and intrigued,” Callahan said. “The response is unanimously a mix of curiosity, excited, and “how can I integrate that into my life?”

Intentek Ripcord image

Ripcord chose the Blackened Legno woodgrain pattern that so closely matched the old table, some employees didn’t even recognize something had changed at first.

“It was so seamless when the Intentek™ table arrived,” Callahan said. “The regular table left and the Intentek™ table was installed in the same weekend. All we had to do was plug it in.”

Callahan reports that it’s been fun to watch people experience it for the first time.

“It’s such a cool product and a perfect iteration of Formica,” Callahan said. “You can take it for granted how seamless and easy it is to use, but when you stop to think about it, it’s almost a feeling of disbelief that the table is actually charging your phone.”  


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