CEF Captures EdSpaces Innovation Award with Ed Table

The Ed Table has been opening eyes since its debut at EDspaces in 2017, where it won the EDspaces Innovation Awards Best of Competition.

About an hour north of Charlotte, tucked away in rural Taylorsville, NC, there’s a company who is helping to revolutionize the way your children and grandchildren learn. CEF-Custom Educational Furnishings has taken the makerspace movement to a new level with their state-of-the-art furniture for schools, libraries and more.

One furniture piece in particular, the Ed Table, has been opening eyes since its debut at EDspaces in 2017, where it won the EDspaces Innovation Awards Best of Competition.

In creating the Ed Table, CEF had four main goals:

  • To create a table that maximizes the amount of time children have to work on a project by eliminating the need to go to a storage closet, trash cans or power source to complete a project. 
  • To provide a table that has sufficient storage for teachers to keep project supplies, thus eliminating case work within the classroom. 
  • To aid the custodial staff for end of day clean up within each classroom.
  • To create a furniture piece that is as visually appealing as it is functional.

After more than a year of design, the final Ed Table includes a solid maple butcher block top, multiple drawers for storage, a trash receptacle, power outlets, and magnetic mounted stools that are attached to the underside of the top surface to aid in clean up.

For the drawer wraps and side surfaces, CEF turned to Formica® Brand Laminate in Dogbone White, Folkstone Hex, and Paint Scrape Steel. The varied colors and patterns offered as a laminate allow schools to choose an appealing visual without sacrificing durability in a demanding environment.

“With breakthrough solutions packed into every inch, the Ed Table truly embodies the inventor’s spirit—providing the most complete maker experience available,” said Nichol Lancaster, Director of Business Operations at CEF. “Maximizing creative time while minimizing the amount of logistical preparation work and clean-up was the driving factor behind the design concept. For schools and teachers interested in project-based learning, the Ed Table is a natural extension and fundamental element for engaging learners.”

Aaron Buehring, Terry Davis, Nichol Lancaster, Scott McHugh of CEF-Custom Educational Furnishings

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