Where urban houses become nature houses

Where urban houses become nature houses

Wood Grains
From climate change, health, air and water pollution, to social anxiety about express deliver packaging, and waste energy is growing. Some people try to find something original and nature in the concrete jungle. They create a city corner where people can gather around and have a dialogue with nature and each other.

Scraped Wood décor design
Scraped Wood is a design full of character that enables us to bring together the old and modern style. Its main characteristics are interesting details as well as a new interpretation given to a wild wood.

Scraped Wood

Planked Oak décor design
A warm based woodgrain with subtle planking which works particularly well in the moody kitchen spaces. We have 4 colors in the series, which can be very modern or traditional.

Planked Drift Oak

 Planked Raw Oak

Planked Urban Oak

Planked Havana Oak

Select Oak décor design
Select oak material has been found in one wood workshop in the south west of Germany it is very near to the Black Forest.

This woodgrain engineered with narrow and half crowns, has wide application on living rooms, kitchen and bedrooms, wall paneling, etc.

Select Fawn Oak

Select Dry Oak

Select Tan Oak 

Select Burnt Oak

Cherry décor design
This Cherry gathered offcuts and small-diameter lumber to design the layout. Only the cleanest and smooth parts are collected to create the design, in a stylish perfection.

Bianco Cherry

 Comfort Gray Cherry

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