2021 Asia Collection Launch

2021 Asia Collection Launch

Formica® challenges the way we imagine spaces and surfaces in new, different perspectives, and this collection is no exception.

The Formica® 2021 Asia Collection unravels surfacing staples and hyper-realistic materials to liberate the imagination and set you on a journey of rediscovery through a different lens, where familiar comforts and spaces have new meaning in this new era.

Besides material inspirations, the Formica® 2021 Asia Collection introduces an innovative technology to its DNA during manufacturing to enhance the product performance. Protec+® coverage is offered in Formica HPL^, ColorCore®, Custom Graphics®, Compact® and FRguard®+ product ranges, this next-generation antimicrobial surfacing material shows a reduction in microbe count on a surface by up to 99%, with high performance on resistance to scratches and wear.

This high-performance range^ is created for protection throughout its expected lifespan*, for hygienic surfaces for you and your family.

^ This technology does not cover for Pearlescent series
* Provided the surface is properly maintained in accordance with Formica’s maintenance and care guidelines and the surface is not subject to harsh environments, damage, scratches and excessive wear & tear.  

As a brand synonymous with surfacing and steeped in over 100 years of design heritage, Formica® continues to raise visionaries within makers, builders and dreamers alike, inviting them to create new experiences of comfort in the spaces we occupy.

Go on, dream on; define spaces for us to live in, in a new tomorrow.

Where escapes become exploration

Where relaxation becomes a space of invigoration

Where urban houses become nature houses

Where workspaces become uplifting spaces

Where establishment become experiences

Design Story

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