Thermal Healing Formica Infiniti

Formica® InfinitiTMThermal Healing

Follow these easy step-by-step instructions to learn how to thermal heal Formica Infiniti

is its thermal healing capabilities. Using a paper towel, water, and an iron, the burnished surface can be easily healed with a few passes. is very durable, occasionally in high traffic areas, the surface can become burnished.  A unique and transformable property of Formica Infiniti, the next generation of surfacing, has many great qualities.  While Formica InfinitiFormica Infiniti

What you need: 
•Paper towel
•Spray bottle with water

Steps to thermal heal:.
1.Turn the iron to the highest heat setting.
2.Place a paper towel over the burnished area.
3.Spray the paper towel with water.
4.Press the iron over the wet paper towel and burnished area 4 to 5 times. 
5.Wipe off excess water with paper towel.
6.If necessary, repeat the steps above.

.While thermal healing can be used to restore burnished areas, thermal healing cannot repair gouges or scratches within the surface of Formica Infiniti™

thermal heal, it also combines these impressive features: Not only does Formica Infiniti™

•Soft-to-the-touch super matte finish
•Resistant to fingerprints and smudging
•Built-in antimicrobial surface protection 
•Easy to clean, chemical resistant
•Post formable
•Available in all standard Formica® Brand Laminate colors

This multi-functional surface is great for many spaces in healthcare, retail, hospitality, corporate, education, and sports facilities. Learn more about how Formica Infiniti™ brings exciting new capabilities to your next project here.

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