Let’s Get Personal: 2020 Hospitality Trend Forecast

Nina Bailey, UK Design Manager at Formica Group has provided her insights for 2020 interior trends in the hospitality industry.

  • Customers now expect personalisation at every level of their experience
  • Hospitality design continues to bring natural elements indoors
  • A considered aesthetic is essential in building brand personality

Travelling for work is becoming much more noticeable in today’s working culture, with many spending more time in hotels than their own homes. We’re increasingly seeing homely themes blending into more public spaces. This is gathering speed with hospitality trends, making environments more comfortable and creating an emphasis on healthier, more balanced lifestyles. In terms of colour schemes, 2020 will introduce brighter, tropical tones and darker hues to hospitality interiors.

Already well established, 2020 will see biophilic design remain firmly at the forefront of the trend landscape as we yearn for a soothing and relaxing environment in an increasingly hectic world. Use of colour is one of the most effective ways to integrate nature into the guest experience. Tones of green, blue and yellow link with those of the land, sea, and earth. Together with the trend of bringing the outside in and introducing greenery these aesthetic notes instil a feeling of wellness within a space.

Based on these developments, I created a Formica Hospitality palette reflecting the biggest colour trends. The palette combines dark and moody blues (Nocturne F5323), earthed yellow (Tenere F1803), terracotta (F4161) and greyed greens (Grotto F7846). These deep jewel tones are reminiscent of mid-century palettes and create a look of timeless sophistication, ideal for a lasting hospitality project. Rich colours reassure us by linking us back to our heritage through nostalgia and a feeling of grandeur.

Personalisation in hospitality is now key to ensuring the services provided remain competitive. With the rise of an economy based on experience rather than ownership, consumers have become accustomed to personalisation. This applies to leisure activities and is now becoming an expectation when booking hotels, restaurants, as well as ordering your morning lattes. Bespoke touches are becoming increasingly popular as they enable customers to feel they are the centre of a unique experience.

Hospitality washrooms will see more tropical influences

Equally, guests want to see the personality of the local area reflected in venues. Whether it’s through architectural or interior design, a considered aesthetic is essential, and when executed well will help entice new and returning customers as well as recommendations. Not many would commit to making a reservation without photography, and living in an era where trends are shaped by social media makes attractive, beautifully presented interiors even more essential in a venue.

Aside from aesthetics, design is getting smarter. Technology and a focus on sustainability continue to become an ever bigger part of design throughout 2020. Many hospitality venues are already trialling technology such as AI, virtual reality tours of facilities, and speeding up check-in times with facial recognition.

The Formica Hospitality palette can be beautifully complemented with bold white marble and classic oak for a grounded feel. Antique Brass can be used to enhance bar and reception areas further. Metal accents add an interesting material contrast creating an extra special wow-factor. After all, first impressions create lasting impressions.

For more information please contact Chloe Hodson [email protected] or Tiia Jaakola [email protected] at The Think Tank - +44 (0) 207 831 2225.

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