Formica Group has REACH ready affiliation and our products are REACH compliant.

What is REACH?

The REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals) regulation is now in force, and it is important that all manufacturers, importers and downstream users of chemicals are prepared and fully aware of the impact. REACH is regulated and monitored by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and it provides a regulatory framework to control the European Chemicals market, monitoring:

  • Amounts of substances being produced.
  • Which substances are being produced.
  • What substances are being used.

What is the main aim of REACH?

  • To monitor how the production and use of chemicals is impacting upon the health and environment of the European Union. REACH may request a reduction of output of a particular chemical or its removal altogether.
  • To encourage change and innovation in chemical development of products which are more environmentally and user friendly.
  • To minimise animal testing.

Company Policy Statement

Download REACH statement

Formica Group REACH Roles and Obligations


In legislation our roles are classified as:

  • Downstream user of chemicals.
  • End user of chemicals.
  • Article producer.

1. Communication with Suppliers

  • Liaise with suppliers to ensure that purchased chemicals are registered, evaluated and authorised for use.
  • Create a Supplier Compliance Database.
  • Request Safety Data to accompany chemical purchases.

2. Evaluate and secure supply chain

  • Periodically evaluate supplier compliance database.
  • Source chemicals from REACH compliant suppliers.
  • Communicate through the supply chain.

3. Review safety data and labelling information

  • Incoming data - Collect and review safety data from suppliers periodically.
  • Outgoing data ensure that we supply current and precise technical and safety data to our customers.

4. High Pressure Laminates are classified as finished Articles

  • Confirming that finished articles do not contain any substances that have been placed on the ECHA candidate list (substances which are defined as very hazardous and earmarked for removal or restriction).

5. Monitor candidate list for future impacts

  • Monitor published Candidates list for chemicals that are being evaluated to be potentially removed or limits applied.
  • Inform Customers if product composition changes or includes restricted chemicals.

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