Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

In order to advance our sustainable goals, Formica Group has completed an LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) on key products to assess each and every impact on energy, water, waste and greenhouse gases across each product's full life cycle.

All stages of our production process from the sourcing of raw materials through materials processing, manufacture, distribution, use and disposal or recycling were assessed. We are committed to work within our manufacturing facilities and with our supply chain partners and transportation operators to reduce our environmental impacts.

The LCA helps Formica Group to make informed decisions about improvements to our processes and products from a sustainability perspective.

Product Life Cycle Assessment

A product Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a method used to measure the full environmental impact of a product, from "cradle to grave." Data is gathered from all areas of a product's life, from the manufacture of raw materials and their transportation to Formica Group manufacturing sites and distribution centres, product fabrication, further transportation to points of distribution and disposal at the end of life.

LCA Impact on Formica® Products

Formica Group uses the LCA data to benchmark new product development and ensure that the product's environmental impacts are fully understood. Formica Group can also critically identify any "hotspots" of environmental impacts within the life of the product, even if these hotspots are related to the supply chain of raw materials. With full knowledge of the impacts of our products, we can work towards greater sustainability. Formica Group is the first laminate manufacturer to complete a comprehensive, non-generic LCA that uses data drawn from all aspects of the supply chain and manufacturing processes.

LCA Status

Formica Group has performed an LCA for its flagship products:

  • High Pressure Laminate (HPL).
  • Continuous Process Laminate (CPL).
  • Compact Laminate.
  • Worktops

The specific impact criteria detailed in the LCA was based around:

  • Energy Use.
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG).
  • Effect on Environmental Building Assessment Programmes (LEED, BREEAM etc.).
  • Water.

Programmes have been developed along with our supply chain partners to reduce all elements of impact-no matter how minimal. Formica Group goals include:

  • Reduce embodied energy within the full manufacturing process, including all supply chain and downstream activities.
  • Reduce GHG emissions by 5% throughout all global facilities in Europe, North America and Asia.
  • Reduce water usage within full life of the product's manufacturing process.
  • Reduce waste to landfill and increase activities to recycle more waste.

Future LCA Activites

Formica Group is building sound sustainability programs with specific goals to reduce all environmental impacts that derive from its business activities. We will:

  • Continue to develop Corporate Leadership in Sustainability.
  • Work with supply chain partners to increase recycled and eco-friendly content in all of our raw materials, making mandatory the use of fibres from sustainable forests.
  • Continue to lower VOC emissions in our products and operations as verified in our Greenguard certification.
  • Reduce energy use within our facilities and throughout the life of our products.
  • Reduce our carbon impacts not only by reducing energy use, but also by developing renewable energy sources for our Operations.
  • We will perform periodic product LCA to closely and continuously monitor our progress in reducing environmental impacts.

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