Corporate Commitment

Corporate Commitment

As a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative surfacing products, we've made a commitment to the environment.  

As a responsible global citizen, Formica Group has established numerous programmes of environmental management reflecting our belief that significant action must follow good intentions and ambitious goals.

We continually develop strategies that enable us to move toward sustainability with efforts to:

  • Reduce energy use throughout the life of our products.
  • Reduce carbon emissions by developing renewable energy sources, waste-to-energy technologies and fuel-efficient freight activities.
  • Work with suppliers to increase recycled and eco-friendly content in our raw materials, making mandatory the use of fibres from sustainable forests.

Corporate Leadership in Sustainability

Formica Group is committed to maintaining the long-term viability of our businesses by minimising our impacts on the natural environment. We employ a range of strategies to support our sustainability goals, including the use of recycled materials as raw material and fuels, the use of renewable energy—particularly biomass—and the introduction of new technologies to improve energy efficiency.

We advance sustainability by taking action to:

  • Ensure that our products and services lead to greater environmental efficiency in customers' buildings and infrastructure.
  • Eliminate or minimise waste from products, services and workplaces.
  • Find and implement economical energy-efficient solutions for our businesses.

Government Envinronmental Regulations

Formica Group plants worldwide comply with all relevant local, state or provincial, and country government regulations encompassing air emissions and quality, noise level, water discharges, and liquid and solid waste disposal.

Green Principles in Practice

Manitoba Maple


A method used to measure environmental impact.
Delano Oak


Management of raw materials, waste & energy. 
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Carbon Reductions

Our goals for reducing emissions. 

Resources and Recycling

Formica Group recognises the economic and environmental benefits that result from efficient resource use and recycling. Several Formica Group operations recycle waste for raw materials or supplementary energy sources.

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