Formica Infiniti®: Retail Display Surface Material

Customers are influenced by the aesthetics of retail environments and Formica Infiniti® gives them a stylish matte and timeless appearance.

Retail Display Surface Material

Formica Infiniti® has revolutionised retail design a chic and elegant surface laminate that’s smooth to the touch and looks amazing.  It can be postformed to almost any shape and used for vertical as well as horizontal applications. Formica Infiniti is a warm non-reflective surface that opens up all sorts of new possibilities for retailers. 

Use Formica Infiniti surface laminate to create a stylish pay point or a unique postformable retail display surface. Shape our laminate into a dividing matte wall or lay it horizontally to create a luxurious cashier’s countertop. This retail surface is anti-fingerprint and has anti-abrasion technology which makes it perfect for high traffic environments where surfaces are constantly being touched. 

Showcasing luxurious matte finishes without the need to reinforce structures to support heavyweight marbles and granite our surface laminates are lightweight and can be easily installed into existing retail areas without any fuss.

The absolute matte finish can make more fluid and integrated free-standing retail displays. Whether it’s an anti-abrasion matte shelving system or stylish matte countertops Formica Infiniti’s natural durability means that retail fixtures and fittings will stay looking newer for longer.

But retail isn’t just about creating something that looks good - it needs to create an experience too which is where Formica Infiniti really comes into its own. Changing rooms can be transformed from being uninspiring areas without any personality to being chic and elegant spaces that people enjoy being in. Using this surface laminate on walls can be combined with stylish lighting to enhance the deep matte surfaces creating areas that feel intimate and warm. It’s the perfect solution for retailers who want people to spend longer in their stores.

Formica Infiniti is designed with a higher purpose in mind: to be memorable. To create stores that are more than just collections of objects but spaces that touch people on a deeper level. It’s a laminate that gives retail a new lease of life. 

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