Guidance in relation to the High Pressure Laminate (“Formica® Laminate”) produced by Formica Group

Formica® Laminate is an intermediate product in a fire-retardant grade that can be bonded to substrates.
The resulting composite panels may have to be tested to ensure compliance with the Fire Safety Act (Cap 109A); the Code of Practice for Fire Precautions In Buildings 2018 and other applicable laws and regulations to determine its fire resistance performance. Performance of the resulting composite panels may depend on the thickness of surfacing material, substrate type and adhesive used as well as the production processes. Formica does not warrant or make any representation as to the fire resistance performance of such composite panels.

Formica® Laminate has been tested to British Standard 476 Parts 6 & 7 and is certified Class 0. 
We would emphasise that these results are solely indicative and relate to the properties of Formica® Laminate under specific test conditions. 
They do not reflect your actual product application situation or use. You are responsible for carrying your own tests as required by the relevant laws or regulations.
Our indicative tests cannot and should not be used as the sole basis for evaluation of the potential fire hazard of Formica® Laminate in actual use conditions.

We are committed to supporting our customers achieve their business goals and maintain a compliant value chain with quality products and information. For your convenience, we are currently moving all our technical documentation to our technical website Please feel free to contact our customer service to address your needs.

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