The Making of Layered Sand Series

The Making of Layered Sand Series

Inspired by rammed earth architecture & terrazzo design making, various sand colors & grains were layered in a loose natural furniture-scale layout.

The Making of Layered Sand Cover 920x600
Feel the good vibrations as you return to nature with the No Boundaries palette from our Formica® 2021 Asia Collection. The Layered Sand Series captures organic elegance through granular design to create strong laminates with a natural sand-like finish for horizontal and vertical surfaces.

LAYERED SERIES – the granular design is inspired by large scale rammed earth architecture to terrarium scale sand layers in design-making. Various sizes of sand grains were pounded into linear bands, and layered into a linear furniture-scale layout. The sandscape was then photographed to make a new optical-solid visual.

9511 Layered Sand - Layers of natural color sediment sand offer a great linear neutral.

9510 Layered Black Sand - Inspired by obsidian and basalt blacks.

Felt Series

The fabric inspired optical-solid is enhanced by the Paper texture, marrying the visual with the tactile touch

Reclaimed Denim Fiber

Real reclaimed denim fiber from cloth production mills, embedded in paper

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