Deco Decorative Materials Ltd

Deco Decorative Materials Ltd

G/F, 16 Arran Street, Mongkok, Kowloon

Tel: 2380 2863

FENIX® Cabinet and door panel
0032 Bianco Kos Door panel with matched edgeband
0717 Castoro Ottawa Door panel with matched edgeband
0720 Nero Ingo Door panel with matched edgeband
0725 Grigio Efeso Cabinet with matched edgeband

DecoMetal® Wall panel
D8280 Diamond Antique Copper

DecoMetal® Magnetic Board Wall panel
DH112 Applegreen Magnetic Whiteboard

Formica Tops
Wide range of Formica Tops display available

FENIX®, DecoMetal® and Formica® High Pressure Laminate
Full range of sample chip available

Surell® Counter Top
SH27 Mars Counter top

Formica® Stone Counter Top
QZ13P Venato Supreme Counter top

FRguard+® Wall Panel

A9483 Ferro Grafite wall panel

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