5-star Sofia Hotel in Barcelona uses a DecoMetal® in conceptual redesign.

Sofia Hotel is a lavish 5-star hotel on Avinguda Diagonal in central Barcelona. It has been completely refurbished to completely refurbished to contemporary, high specification, using Formica Group DecoMetal® products in its design.

The project was realised by the high-end hospitality group Selenta and award-winning interior design and landscape architecture firm Jamie Berlestain, experts in luxury hotel design.

A total of 2,300m2 of Formica® laminate sits alongside other materials such as ceramics, marble and natural wood, together forming a luxury atmosphere, Formica products can be found both in the foyer, welcoming guests, as well as the exclusive VIP floors above.

The presence of Formica products in various designs dominates the entrance hall. Formica HPL and Formica DecoMetal® in aluminium and silver are applied to the celling, in original suspended triangular sculptures forming mirrors in columns on the walls, creating a unique space.

DecoMetal® laminate incorporates authentic metal in its surface. Easy to install and maintain, it can be postformed and is therefore a unique material with the look of metal and the durability of laminate. It is also an environmentally sustainable product which has the GREENGUARD and Chain of Custody certifications, as well as the Carbon Trust label.

  About Formica Group

Formica Group is a leading provider of branded, designed surfacing solutions for commercial and residential customers worldwide. As the world’s largest manufacturer of High Pressure Laminate (HPL), our international network of design, manufacturing, distribution and sales operations maintains the recognition of Formica® as a global brand.

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