7 of the biggest interior design trends for 2019

All the easy ways you can update your home

Fancy an interiors update? As we're well into 2019, the trends for the year ahead are starting to reveal themselves, and we have excellent news: there's literally something for everyone.

Whether you're into colour explosions or sleek and modern, are looking to update your entire home or want to add some simple tweaks, we guarantee these interior design trends will give your Pinterest boards a 2019 refresh.



Excellent news for those who take a 'more is more' approach; bookcases full of hardbacks and candles everywhere are very much a vibe for 2019.
Nadia McCowan Hill, Resident Style Advisor at Wayfair, says: "Scatter bright animal ornaments in unexpected spots to bring out your playful side, or swap in a bold, patchwork-print sofa to give new style to a classic design."

Clotilde Passalacqua, Interior Design Leader at IKEA UK & Ireland, suggests adding affordable furniture updates: “From colourful sofas, to bold rugs, statement lights and house plants aplenty, there is something to excite everyone in the revival of the 70s décor.

"A great way to create the maximalist Scandi look at home is to inject colourful layers, textures and geometric shapes into a white space."

And Nina Bailey, Design Manager for Formica Group told Cosmopolitan UK that bringing home trinkets from holidays is very much encouraged. “Slightly mismatched objects, textiles, textures and art come together in a scheme to paint a story of a life and spark memories," she said. "Ideally these items have been collected over the years and on your travels. This is very joyful and an interior style that many find easy to live with.”


Single colours

On the opposite end of the scale is this celeb favourite. We may have questioned Kim Kardashian's ~minimal~ home aesthetic, but it would seem she's onto something - if you can face staring at a grey wall all the time, that is.
“A design look that started in Italy and is rapidly gaining traction across Europe is the highly elegant use of a single colour across a whole scheme," says Nina.

"Instead of varying the colours you vary materials and texture. This gives richness and depth to a space. For example if you’re using mocha tones, you’d choose a sofa in velvet, then have cushions with a chunky weave and a rug with a muted pattern over flooring for more subtle tonal variation.”



Plant mums rejoice! Your fave interior trend isn't going anywhere - and even if you can't manage to keep a plant alive (guilty) you can still pick up plenty of themed interiors products - from cushions to bedding and even jewellery dishes.
Wayfair's Nadia says: "Pair natural rattan accented furniture with sage and emerald green and deep, moody tones such as midnight blue.

"A matte black wall colour can serve as the perfect backdrop to your exotic scene, but fun fruit-shaped lamps will keep the look from getting too serious.

"Metallic animal accents will give literal life to your table top, and don’t be afraid to layer on the animal print rugs, throws, cushions and more."


Rugs everywhere

Those aztec rugs all your fave Instagrammers are obsessed with? Yeah, they'll be sticking around - but not just in the lounge.

“There’s a real trend to use textiles including rugs in the kitchen, as people are adapting to the fact it’s now a living space," Nina says. "Even those with home offices often work in the kitchen, so what’s included in kitchens is changing.”



Forget everything you've seen at beachside cafes - this trend is more Insta-worthy, less bleached wood and anchors on the walls. Clotilde says: “This trend allows you to harness that summer beach feeling all year round by creating a chic maritime look through colours, textures and materials.


"Incorporating products made from natural and sustainable materials, such as wood, rattan, seagrass and sustainable cotton create a look that is not only beautiful but also environmentally friendly."



If you're thinking of updating worktops, Mar Esteve Cortes, Director at Neolith told Cosmopolitan UK: "This playful and colourful stone, once so popular for floors from bank and barbers to bistros and brasseries, is finding a new lease of life as this style icon is reimagined for the home with a modern twist.

“Characterised by bold patterning and cosmopolitan sophistication, terrazzo has had a resurgence in popularity thanks its eco-friendliness as well as its adaptability to a range of tonal palettes."

And Nadia backs the trend, too: "Following the trend of getting back to nature, earthy tones create a serene palette that mix perfectly with modern materials," she says.



If you're looking to expand beyond plants (or you can't quite manage to keep them alive), try other elements of nature through the home. According to Nadia, "Customer searches for nature-inspired homewares are up 115% on Wayfair.co.uk in the past year, proving that this trend is just the breath of fresh air we have been searching for.

"Be inspired by organic formations, such as decorative corals, patterned leaves and tree trunk designs, as well as natural materials and raw edges."


From: Cosmopolitan Online, Abigail Malbon, 18/03/2019


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