Okuda San Miguel

Introducing Formica Younique® x Okuda San Miguel. A new concept seeking collaboration between art, design and architecture which allows you to work alongside Okuda San Miguel to plan new spaces. Get to know the creative universe of Okuda San Miguel with our collection of patterns, and collaborate with the artist to think of new spaces.

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Formica Younique® X Okuda San Miguel

Formica Younique by Okuda San Miguel offers four exclusive designs available in three sizes, which can be adapted to any interior or exterior project, ranging from large spaces to small applications.

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Proyecto Formica Gregorio Maran pic by Esif Fotografia BIRD

Products made for you

In addition to granting you access to exclusive patterns, Formica Younique® by Okuda San Miguel allows you to create exclusive works of art completed by Okuda for your project.
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Okuda San Miguel

Okuda San Miguel

With more than 20 years of experience, his work in public spaces can be found in over 80 cities, spanning more than 30 countries. His unique iconographic language, which uses geometric structures and multi-colored patterns has transformed him into one of today’s most acclaimed artists.
The world is ours

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