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Formica Lifeseal®

Our premium all purpose adhesive sealant

Formica Lifeseal® has been designed to provide a flawless and superior colour-matched finish for worktops in our Axiom® by Formica Group, Formica Prima® and Formica Infiniti® Worktops ranges. To help you achieve the best possible finish please follow the instructions in our handy advice guide.

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The Benefits

With Formica Lifeseal® all worktop joints are guaranteed against moisture ingress and expansion for the lifetime of the worktop*. By choosing Formica Lifeseal® you benefit from:

  • 290ml cartridges available in 21 colours picked exclusively by our award-winning design team to match decors in the worktop ranges.
  • Advanced formulation for superb results.
  • Easy and flexible to work with for bonding, sealing and finishing.
  • Colour matches to suit over 150 designs.
  • Cartridges suit a mastic gun.
  • 290ml - approximately 20 linear metres at a 5mm bead or 9 joints.
*Find out about the Terms & Conditions
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Our Formica Lifeseal® Advice Guide

Discover our handy advice guide for more information on using Formica Lifeseal, understand jointing, sealing, bonding and worktop assembly as well as tips on how to maintain worktops that utilise Formica Lifeseal.
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