Reasons to use VIVIX® Lap cladding in your next project

If you’re looking for even more reasons to use VIVIX® Lap cladding aside from our great selection of 12 decors handpicked by our design team then we’ve listed them all out here!

Chalet-Oak_Angle 825x550

1. UV and weather resistant: ETAG034 accelerated weathering tested

2. Does not rot and is resistant to mould

3. Impact and abrasion resistant

4. Highly resilient to cracking and chipping

5. Practically maintenance free

6. 10-year warranty

7. Euroclass B-s1, d0 Fire Retardant Certificate in accordance with European regulation EN 13501-1

8. Pre-cut planks for quick installation

9. Lightweight planks (4.6Kg per plank) compared to other cladding materials

10. FSC® certified laminates

11. Simple drill and screw fix mechanism for fast fitting

12. Ability to cut/modify planks as needed on site

13. Minimal dust and mess created during cutting and installation process

14. No sealants or painting required

15. Complementary profiles, trims and colour-matched screws available to achieve the perfect finish

16. Option to install on timber or metal framing

17. Additional insulation can be built into the system to improve a building's thermal efficiency

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