Dry erase board in kitchen with yellow teapot 949 White Writable Surfaces

DIY Projects

Discover how simple and fun DIY projects can be with Formica Group.

Chalkboard drawings with orange ball 3037 Black ChalkAble Writable Surfaces

DIY: Formica® Chalkboard Wall

Learn how to install a Formica® Chalkboard Wall in your home.

Learn How to Install a Sink

This step-by-step guide will give you the guidance and confidence you need to properly install a sink with your Formica® Laminate countertops.
Board being cut with hand in picture

DIY: Formica® Writable Surfaces Picture Frame

Personalize your space with a unique Writable Surface picture frame that is perfect for writing reminders, drawing cute doodles, sharing your schedule, and more.
Dry erase kitchen cabinet doors 949 White Writable Surfaces

Install Formica® Writable Surface Cabinets

Use this step-by-step video for a DIY makeover that is practical and stylish.

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