Leanne Ford with Formica Group

Formica® Brand Capsule Collection

Interior designer and star Leanne Ford hand picks surfaces perfect for creating a timeless space.

In addition to starring in a popular home renovation series, designer Leanne Ford is also a creative partner of Formica Corporation.

For the Formica® Brand Capsule Collection, Leanne hand selected Formica® Brand surfaces inspired by natural elements and neutral colors. Just like a capsule wardrobe, timeless surface designs never go out of style. The Formica® Brand Capsule Collection draws on Leanne’s signature style. It includes four new Formica® Brand Laminate patterns and 10 of Leanne’s personal favorites from across Formica Corporation’s versatile portfolio.

Formica® Brand Capsule Collection: Laminates

Formica® Brand Capsule Collection: Specialty Surfaces

Leanne Ford with Formica Group

Love Leanne?

Learn more about Leanne Ford and explore all of the innovative ways she has used Formica® Brand products.

Introducing, Leanne

In addition to starring in a popular home renovation series, designer Leanne Ford is also a creative partner of Formica Corporation. Ford will collaborate with us on exclusive new Formica® Laminate collections and share her unique perspective on how to use Formica® Brand products in a variety of spaces.

Ford hails from Pittsburgh, and gained fame with her signature “white on white” aesthetic. She brings her easygoing nature and personal style to approachable, welcoming spaces. Her work is featured in Architectural Digest, Country Living, Domino, GQ, Lonny, Elle Decor, Martha Stewart, Better Homes and Gardens, Redbook, MyDomaine, Refinery 29, the New York Times, and more. 

She is currently the star, along with her brother and contractor Steve Ford, of Restored by the Fords on HGTV, which follows the siblings as they turn some of Pittsburgh's most dated buildings into magazine-worthy homes. As the designer and "house whisperer," Leanne is the brains behind each project while Steve uses his "MacGyver-like" carpentry skills to bring her crazy, over the top ideas to life.

“ Formica® Laminate is an iconic solution for creating stylish, creative looks in any home with any budget. I am so excited to experiment with the vast array of patterns and colors offered, and showcase fresh ways to use laminate beyond the kitchen in some of my most exciting projects to come. ” Leanne Ford

The Versatility of Formica® Brand Products

You may know of Formica® Laminates for the durable beauty they bring to kitchen and bathroom counters. But there are many other opportunities for these versatile products to make a creative statement throughout your home. Watch as Leanne Ford shows you how to use Formica® Laminate in every room!

Leanne Ford on the Benefits of Formica® Brand Products
Designer Leanne Ford talks about classic Formica® Products that she loves, and the modern, durable products she uses in her projects.

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