New Laminate Sample Recycling Program Reduces Waste

A new solution for recycling Formica® laminate samples with TerraCycle® promises to cut down on waste and boost sustainability.


The Challenge: What to Do with Discontinued Laminate Samples


Interior design is ever changing, and Formica® Brand products are frequently updated to reflect trends and evolving tastes. The question is what to do with outdated laminate samples once they’re removed from designers’ wallboards, home center stores, and kitchen and bath dealer showrooms.


Historically, leftover samples of discontinued patterns were collected and donated to design schools for student use or given to artists for a variety of projects. However, Formica Group’s new program with TerraCycle focuses on ways to recycle these materials for use in creating other products.


A Pilot Program for Sample Recycling: How It Works


Our Field Sales teams in the U.S. and Canada are currently testing a new approach to bring the sample disposal process in line with Formica Group’s dedication to sustainability. Now, reps can send discarded countertop and laminate samples, flexible plastic sleeves and cardboard to TerraCycle, an international leader in recycling hard-to-recycle waste streams.


TerraCycle aggregates these materials and works with industry partners to recycle the waste into raw materials that other manufacturers can use to create their products. It’s an environmental win for all involved!


Working Toward More Sustainable Business Practices


The sample recycling pilot program is an important component of Formica Group’s multifaceted sustainability agenda. The company is also pursuing ways to turn manufacturing scraps into energy sources within its plants. Additionally, Formica Group has been leveraging recycled and eco-friendly content in the making of its products for years.


Learn more about Formica Group’s dedication to sustainability.


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