Graham Local Schools

Sparking Collaboration with Formica® Writable Surfaces

Overview of Project:

Like many schools throughout the country, Graham Local Schools, located in St. Paris, Ohio, was experiencing a digital transformation. Tablets and smartphones quickly replaced rows of books in the school’s library, leaving the school district facing the question of how to fill the leftover space.Sensing an opportunity to transform the traditional library into a unique collaboration space, Graham Local Schools turned to a local dealership, and Interior Concepts, a school furniture manufacturer in Spring Lake, Michigan.

“Graham Local Schools wanted a library that inspired student interaction, with furniture that was movable, height adjustable, and encouraged collaboration,” said Johnny Gerard, Project Manager at Interior Concepts.

“We knew that Formica® Writable Surfaces markerboard applied to our custom unique shape tables was a perfect solution.”
Johnny Gerard

After walking Graham Local Schools through some space planning sessions that showcased the furniture designs, a new request came in—could Interior Concepts build the custom tables with colourful markerboard surfaces rather than the traditional white?

“We were thrilled to learn that we could order any Formica® Laminate in a dry-erase markerboard finish,” said Jennifer Dobberstein, Marketing Manager at Interior Concepts. “And with no minimum order quantity, we were able to select multiple colours to help the Graham library pop with colour.”

Graham Middle School Principal Chad Lensman says the new furniture has completely revolutionized the space.

“Students enjoy this space much more, not just because of the furniture, but because of how instruction is changing based on flexibility the furniture provides,” Lensman said. “The new design is helping Graham Middle School create a culture of critical thinking and transparency. With the new furniture and design, teachers are now able to push their thinking and lessons outside a traditional classroom space.”

Furniture Manufacture: Interior Concepts
Furniture Manufacture: Interior Concepts
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