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One Building. Four Medical Practices.

That’s the challenge designer Arcel Punsalang faced when called upon to design the new El Monte, California medical plaza which would house Mayflower Medical Group Family Care, Mayflower Medical Group Pediatrics, Centrelake Imaging and Oncology, and Omni Eye Care.

“The medical plaza serves as one-stop care for patients who may need multiple services,” Punsalang said. “But from a design standpoint, since each practice has its own branding, I really needed to find a way to develop a design that was cohesive, yet distinct for each.”

Punsalang focused on setting the colour palette to give the space a more comfortable, soothing and inviting setting for patients. Additionally, the colour palette could ensure continuity throughout the entire design, while also serving as a clear transition from one practice to the next.

“I went straight to the Formica® Brand colour palette because it’s my starting point for most designs,” Punsalang said. “I’ve been using Formica since I started my career in 2008, and I trust it because the new products are innovative and cater to designer needs.”

Punsalang found most of his inspiration with the SurfaceSet® 2018 collection, using four designs from the collection (and six total Formica® Laminate designs) to bring a unique, yet cohesive colour story to the reception desks for the various practices.

Mayflower Family Care features a darker Cascara Teakwood door along with a much lighter Tinted Paper Terrazzo reception desk. Natural Ash laminate serves as a neutral that is repeated in other spaces to provide a cohesive look. 

Mayflower Pediatrics went outside the SurfaceSet range to feature Folkstone Hex along with Natural Ash on the reception desk. These two laminates pair nicely with the pops of bold colour that is symbolic of a child-friendly environment.

To pull in from the gray-toned logo, Centrelake Imaging and Oncology uses Green Slate Birchply and Bubble Science to welcome patients to their practice.

And finally, Omni Eye Care maintains the cohesive look with the Natural Ash reception desk and Cascara Teakwood door.

With separate, but adjoining spaces highlighted by a cohesive, yet distinct colour palette, Punsalang has produced a welcoming design that meets the goal of offering patients a soothing and comfortable setting.

“When I design a project, I don’t want to repeat what I’ve done before, I want the newest trends in the market,” Punsalang said. “Formica provides great new options with every launch and the information needed to bring them to life in beautiful designs.”

Arcel Punsalang
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