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Con oltre 100 anni di esperienza nella produzione di laminati, abbiamo una storia davvero ricca… Scorri la cronologia per scoprire la storia di Formica: ecco come siamo arrivati fin qui. 

Having been in business for so many years, we're lucky enough to have collated an archive of assets. We'd love to share a few of our favourites with you... 

Formica Group history 1950s ad from The Australian Women's Weekly

Brooks Stevens' Skylark pattern was launched in the 1950s

Ad from the Australian Women's Weekly

We discovered the video 'A Bright New World' that was created in the 1970s when Formica Group (owned by De La Rue at the time) opened a new 'laminated plastics' factory in Tynemouth, England. The video takes you on an exciting tour of the facilities and the laminate manufacturing process. This site is still very relevant to Formica Group today as it's now home to our European Head Quarters. 
Formica Group advert from 1965 World Fair House Competition

The 1965 World's Fair competition

Advert from the official guide to the 1964-1965 New York World's fair, image courtesy of Bill Young. 

1927 Formica Group sales meeting
A Formica 1927 sales meeting, image from the book 'Formica: Forty Years of Steady Vision' (1953). It's great to take a look back on our history and see the teams that worked hard to further the Formica brand.
Formica Group 1962 American Cyanamid Company Annual Report

The American Cyanamid Company Annual Report 1962

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