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Formica® Writable Surfaces

Formica® Writable Surfaces are as practical as they are inspirational, while providing the perfect platform to stay connected, manage schedules, play a game or just create. 

Not only are Formica® Writable Surfaces durable and require simple maintenance, but also offer a consistently smooth finish that is not easily achieved through other writable products.

At the heart of Formica® Writable Surfaces are expressions of love, life, friends, and personality.

The new collection offers six markerboard and chalkboard designs including exclusive and unique patterns that give you the chance to add your own creative expression.  

With Formica® Writable Surfaces, we make it writable, you make it memorable.

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  • Durable & wear resistant


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Are the Markerboards magnetic?

No, these markerboard are phenolic backed and not magnetic. 

Can I customize the ColorBook or LoveWords pattern or color?

Normal Formica custom color requirements pertain to Writable Markerboard. 

Can I use Chalkboard pens on ChalkAble™?

Yes, chalkboard pens can be used on ChalkAble™, but we do not recommend using black and blue pens on Gray ChalkAble™. We also recommend testing your ChalkBoard pen on a small area before using on the overall surface for ghosting. 

Does ChalkAble™ ghost?

All chalkboard surfaces can ghost. The benefit of a laminate writable surface is the ability to clean easier and with more options without harming the surface. Mild soap and water are for everyday cleaning, but acetone or alcohol can be used to remove permanent marker and can help to remove ghosting. 

Does ChalkAble™ postform?

No, ChalkAble™ does not postform.

Does Writable Markerboard postform?

Yes, markerboard postforms to the same standards as Formica gloss (-90) laminate.

Is ChalkAble™ comprised the same as traditional laminate?

Yes, ChalkAble™ is a traditional laminate made with Kraft Paper and a décor paper, but has surface qualities that make it suitable to write on.

What makes ChalkAble™ different than chalkboard paint?

ChalkAble™ has all the wonderful durable attributes of traditional laminate with the capability of being written on. Impact resistance and easy to clean qualities are major benefits compared to chalkboard paint.