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Transcend the limits of yesterday’s laminate. New IdealEdge® by Formica Group offers decorative edges that bring a fresh look to laminate countertops, islands and work tables.
What you see is a perfectly finished edge – and no more brown seam lines.

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185 Products found

  • 920
  • Acajou Mahogany.
    7008 Acajou Mahogany
  • African Limba.
    7011 African Limba
  • Almond Papyrus
    726 Almond Papyrus
  • Amber Kashmire
    6227 Amber Kashmire
  • 07012 Amber Maple
    7012 Amber Maple
  • American Rose Granite
    6221 American Rose Granite
  • Antique Mascarello
    3466 Antique Mascarello
  • Antique White Oxide
    303 Antique White Oxide
  • Argento Romano
    6697 Argento Romano
  • Ashen Ribbonwood
    8839 Ashen Ribbonwood
  • Auburn Maple
    9256 Auburn Maple
  • Autumn Indian Slate
    3687 Autumn Indian Slate
  • Baltic Granite
    3691 Baltic Granite
  • Baltic Slate
    3690 Basalt Slate
  • Beige Graffix
    506 Beige Grafix
  • 3496 Belmonte Granite
  • Beluga
    3697 Beluga
  • Beluga Beige
    3698 Beluga Beige
  • 909 Black
    909 Black
  • 271 Blackstone
  • 9260 Blond Maple
  • Blossom Cherrywood
    758 Blossom Cherrywood
  • 3467 Blue Storm
  • Brazilian Brown Granite
    6222 Brazilian Brown Granite
  • 3502 Breeze Solidz
  • 7740 Buffed Aluminum
  • 7704 Burnished Glaze
  • 6307 Burnt Strand
  • 204 Butcherblock Maple
  • Butterum Granite
    7732 Butterum Granite
  • 5879 Cafe Weft
  • Cardboard Solidz
    7813 Cardboard Solidz
  • 6696 Carrara Bianco
  • 7494 Carrara Envision
  • 6942 Charcoal Boomerang
  • New
    9491 Charcoal Lacquered Linen
  • 7484 Cherry Birch
  • 5884 Chestnut Woodline
  • Chocolate Warp
    5881 Chocolate Warp
  • 5882 Citadel Warp
  • 5486 Classic Walnut
  • Cocoa Maple
    7739 Cocoa Maple
  • Cognac Maple
    7738 Cognac Maple
  • Colorado Slate
    7014 Colorado Slate
  • 7267 Concrete Stone
  • Cotta Stone
    7266 Cotta Stone
  • 5885 Craft Oak
  • 7226 Crayon
  • Crema Mascarello
    3422 Crema Mascarello
  • New
    9488 Creme Lacquered Linen
  • 6218 Creme Quarstone
  • 7268 Denim Canvas
  • 5283 Dogbone Storm



What is the warranty on IdealEdgeTM by Formica Group?

IdealEdge™ by Formica Group is backed by a 10-year limited warranty.

What is IdealEdgeTM by Formica Group?

IdealEdge™, decorative edges suitable for curved, clipped or 90-degree corner installations, available in two versatile profiles – Ogee and Bullnose. IdealEdge™ profiles are fabricated like a bevel edge, which allows for more installation flexibility, and have the ability to curve and encase all sides of countertops, islands and tables. IdealEdge™ eliminates the final telltale sign of laminate – the brown line.

Is IdealEdgeTM by Formica Group a DIY project?

IdealEdge is not a DIY project. For the Formica® Brand craftsman or skilled DIY person, installation is simple. For detailed instructions watch our instructional video or download the how-to guide here.

How do I find my local Formica Distributor or A&D Specialists?

Click on the Where to buy button at the top of the page and type in your ZIP code for a list of the Formica Distributor or A&D Specialist that services your area.

I have a problem with my Formica® Brand product. Who do I contact?

Please contact our Consumer Relations Department at 1-800-FORMICA (367-6422), or via email at

I have a question about a sample order I placed.  Who do I contact?

For sample inquiries, please contact us at 1-800-FORMICA™ (367-6422) or via email at (US) or (Canada).

If my question is not listed here, where can I find my answer?

If your question is not listed here, please contact us or call 1-800-FORMICA™ (367-6422).