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If you can imagine it,
we can make it.

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Introducing Formica Envision™, a completely custom laminate. Whatever your application, you create your very own look. Make your mark. Build your brand. Stand out... any way you like.

Imagine the possibilities of creating a surface that's all your own: Design your unique surface art on our high-performance laminate using your design, photography, logo, illustration or painting. If you can imagine it, we can make it.


To start a project, contact your local Formica® Sales Representative, or call Formica Corporation directly at 1-800-786-3286.

Learn more about Formica Envision™.
"It was incredible to see the image come to life laminated to the surface of a table. The creative possibilities of this process are fantastic.” – Joel Nakamura, artist 

Browse our inspiration photographs below. Then, Check out more applications of Formica Envision™ on our Pinterest Board.